Hunters use every part of the animal

Hunters Use Every Part Of The Animal They Kill

I’m sure that any animal who is shot through the head or body would be really pleased to know every part of his or her rotting corpse will be used for someone’s meal, belt, or wall ornament. Using every part of the animal does not make up for killing them in the first place. If you had to kill and eat an animal to survive, then that’s totally different, and using every part is sensible if you were in that situation. But, as we keep touching on, we are not in any such survival situation, and we don’t have to kill any animal to survive and thrive anymore. This post is all about the idea that Hunters use every part of the animal they kill.

“Wild animals never kill for sport. Man is the only one to whom the torture and death of his fellow creatures is amusing in itself.”

– James Anthony Froude

Meat Is Murder?

Although hunters like to say they use every part of the animal, this is not always true as most things don’t apply to the whole group of any subculture. Many hunters only take the ‘best parts’ and leave the rest where they lay. I guess other wild animals and insects, would feast on the carcass, but if the hunter is honest, they probably aren’t bothered once the prime cuts have been removed. The idea of hunting a stag or other majestic animal just to take a slice of the ‘best bits’ and then tastelessly mount their head on a wooden board on the wall of an office, is repulsive. It only feeds the ego and highlights to others how important some people feel it is to show dominance over the other animals rather than coexisting with them in peace and with compassion.

While hunters like to boast about using all of the animals they shoot, stab, trap or pierce, factory farmed animals are also processed in a way that uses most of their body part; probably more than a hunter would when you consider the number of products that have gelatine in them and where that comes from. So using all the parts of someone who has been murdered, is never a consolation or justification for the act. Murder may seem like a strong word, and some argue that it should only be applied to humans and not other animals. But what other word is suitable to accurately describe the premeditated act of taking the life of another sentient being when that being does not want to have their life taken from them? Taking a word, and only applying it to our species is one thing that got me thinking about animal rights before I was Vegan, when I looked in compassion and wondered why it was a human only concept.

Inefficient And Clumsy

Hunters are not all efficient snipers, and they often miss their targets or hit the animals in places that are way off the ‘kill zone’. With the increase in popularity of bowhunting, the inefficiency and lack of accuracy have become much greater. Animals suffer so much and can live on for days slowly bleeding internally, or the wounds become horribly infected causing them much pain before death finally comes. Once hit, the fast and efficient animals can easily outrun and outpace these podgy and clumsy ‘trackers’ as they noisily clamber through the woods or rough terrain, often giving up before they ever find the injured animal.

It has always baffled me, even before I was a vegan, how people who eat meat disagree with hunting. They think it’s cruel to track and shoot a wild bird or a stag, but are more than happy to drive to the supermarket and pick up a nicely wrapped chicken or a pack of prime cut steak. The animals that ended up in the supermarket are a product of exploitation, imprisonment, and torture, while the free hunted bird has had the freedom it deserves; well, at least until the hunter stumbled across them. Of course, it’s not cool to take the life of any animal when we don’t need to, but meat eaters display a strange level of hypocrisy with this issue and feel it’s better to eat an animal who has been imprisoned and murdered with no chance of escape. Perhaps this is because the slaughterman’s knife never misses the target?

What We Don’t See . . . 

Most meat eaters are totally detached from the idea that their meal consists of flesh than from a rotting corpse of an animal who wanted to live. That animal was a sentient being, capable of love, grief, and fear. Although this is the reality of food that is made of dead animals, we prefer to talk about it as meat, consommé, sausage, or other such words. Oddly, though, many food retailers use cartoon animals to brand these foods, but even then, the connection is missed.

When dining out at a restaurant, people can happily be sitting down eating the kidney of a baby sheep, the congealed excretion of a momma cow, the flightless wings of a chicken, the feet or minced eyelids, lips, and bumholes of a pig neatly packed into a sausage, but freak out if they find a hair in their food! Imagine the horror of ordering a bucket of dead chicken body parts, deep fried in a coating of herbs and spices, and biting into one piece to find a feather! Worse still, ordering a slowly cooked piece of the sliced belly of a dead murdered pig and discovering a nipple still attached to it; much better when that nipple is minced up in a sausage so that it is completely indistinguishable from a pig’s ear or snout, right?

Too Gross? 

It all sounds gross when described like I have above and I know that it’s paragraphs like this that people use to decide Vegans like me are ‘extreme’, but all I did was swap the usual words for more descriptive and accurate ones. If we acknowledge that a leg of lamb really is the leg of a baby sheep, then perhaps we won’t enjoy it so much. When I stopped eating meat when I was a vegetarian, I used this technique on myself and looked and thought about each animal product I was eating and related it to a still living animal I had seen in my life. How could I eat a dead, murdered, baby sheep’s leg or neck after I just saw some others jumping and bounding around a field just up the road from my home? I just couldn’t do it anymore, and when applying this to all animals, it was so easy to stop eating all of them. When I went Vegan, I went a little further and focussed on the momma cows who had their children dragged away from her and the baby chicks who were ground up alive while only a couple of hours old.

Hunters Use Every Part Of The Animal

The idea that hunters use every part of the animal is frankly irrelevant, especially to the animal who has been killed. Killing the animal is the issue, not how the animal is used, and the simple argument against all of this cruelty, and a question we have to ask is why kill any animal who we do not need to kill for us to survive, thrive, and live an awesome life? Why inflict any unnecessary death, pain, and suffering on any sentient being for no other reason than ‘sport’ and entertainment?

There are alternatives to hunting that don’t involve cruelly injuring and slowly killing helpless and defenceless animals; simulated field shooting is one of these. You could even just simply go for a trek through private land (with permission) or the wilderness, where it allows, and shoot some targets. If this isn’t enough to fulfil the innate, raw, primaeval lust for the hunt, then get a paintball gun and get your friends to dress up as moose, hide, and run around the woods for f*@ks sake.

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