Pagoda Animals Desexed In Phnom Penh

Number Of Pagoda Animals Desexed In Phnom Penh In 12 Months?

It was suggested last week that any groups taking part in Pagoda spay/neuter missions keep each other informed, so in the spirit of cooperation, coordination, and collaboration, I was thinking it would be a cool idea if we all made it public how many animals have been desexed in Phnom Penh and which Pagodas/streets/markets/communities/areas have been completed? What Is The Number Of Pagoda Animals Desexed In Phnom Penh In 12 Months?

Pagoda Animals Desexed In Phnom Penh In 12 Months

I thought we could set up a table so we can all see who’s going to which Pagodas, how often, and how many animals have been desexed in each so far. I can set something up online so everyone can add their data and then we can watch the progress as it unfolds. This would give us all an excellent idea of how far the Pagoda problem has been tackled. I know everyone is super busy with their missions and projects, so I would be more than happy to volunteer to collect the information and add it to the table once a week or once a month. This way, no one gets any extra workload.

It would be awesome to know how many animals have been spayed in total in all the Phnom Penh Pagodas over the last year. Maybe each organisation or group can add their previous 12 months Spay/Neuter numbers and stats to get something like this started. Some old figures are public but nothing updated for 2017 and there’s no need for these figures to be private right? What do you think?

Collect Data 

I posted this on Facebook, and then we got talking about ear clipping vs tattoos. This brought up the Passpet App and then it seemed obvious that all the organisations, individuals, and groups who want to collaborate and cooperate in Phnom Penh could use the Passpet App to record the animal’s data and then we would have all the animals who have been spayed recorded in one place and all for everyone to see on the map! Each animal would be pinned and geolocated, and if we clicked on the animal, we could see which organisation helped them. It seems like we already have the solution we are all looking for, but we just aren’t using it yet!

So let’s all download the app and start using it! What do you think? If you disagree, then what are the reasons not to use it?

PassPet Info 

Here is some information about the PASSPET App and a link so you can download it and start using it right away.

The PASSPET Mobile Application has been designed for Veterinarian Clinics, Animal Shelters, Animal NGO Organizations, Animal Welfare Groups, and individual pet owners to register animals electronically in the field, at a clinic or at home. The animal owners’ (group, organisation, or vet) details are captured along with the animals details. These details include the microchip number, 4 x photos of the animal, vaccination records with the vaccine type, manufacturer, lot number, expiry date and the date, time and location of the vaccination captured and recorded using the geo-location details. There is also room to add notes and much more.

Collaborating organisations can see the animals pinned on a map so we can see in our progress in real time.

Anyone with the app and a scanner can access the stray cats’ information. We can see when vaccinations are due, see the photos, and even geolocation; all in real time. It really is impressive, and you can see it here:

Link to the app:

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