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Vegan Resources – A Mini Info Pack For New Vegans – Epic Animal Quest

We put together this post packed full of Vegan resources for anyone interested in learning more about Veganism or for someone who is already Vegan but wants to direct someone else to some awesome resources.

Vegans And Anyone Interested

We often meet nice, normal people who are interested in what we have to say about Animals Rights and Veganism. They ask questions and show genuine interest and want to find out more. When this happens it is awesome! So what do we do after the conversation? We thought this post would be a great place to send them to find out more in their own time and we include recommended sites for them to watch, read, or listen to many resources about Veganism and animal rights.

My family and I went vegan after we watched some lectures by Gary Yourofsky and the Earthlings Documentary. We took the information and then researched and fact-checked. Once we discovered the awful truth and knew better, we had to do better too. The following links are focussed on Ethics and Animals Rights, Our Health, and The Environment and make ideal vegan resources for anyone interested in learning more.

Introduction To Veganism 

Watch this awesome presentation speech by James Aspey for a great approach and introduction to Veganism

Listen to our interview on The Vegan Society Podcast for our story and why we are vegan

The Vegan Society Podcast

Documentaries To Watch 

Watch Earthlings Here for ethics and animal rights

Watch Blackfish Here for ethics

Watch What The Health here for your health

Watch Forks over Knives here for your health

Watch Vegucated here for your health

Watch Cowspiracy here for the Environment

Watch Sharkwater here for the environment

Books To Read 

Read Animal Liberation for ethics

Read How Not To Diefor your health

Read The China Study for your health

Read Farmageddon for the Environment

Read my book The Vegan Argument for why Veganism is the answer

Lectures To Listen To (and watch) 

Gary Yourofsky on YouTube for all things Vegan

James Aspey for a great approach and introduction to Veganism

The Vegan Society Podcast for Vegan news and features

Bite Size Vegan for all things Vegan


VEGANUARY for support on Going Vegan and trying it for one month

VIVA for animal issues

PETA for news

The Vegan Society for all things vegan and the Source of Veganism

Nutrition Facts for Science and Nutrition

Vegan Resources – A Quick Introduction

This is a quick and short set of links and vegan resources that should hopefully point people in the right direction. I hope it helps you and gives you a resource to pass on to open and enquiring minds. There are thousands of resources all about Veganism and how it is important for Animal Rights, Our Health, and The Environment. The links here are a great start to any Vegan Journey.

Some of the links are to trailers. If you search online, you can find free documentary sites but we can’t recommend those sources here. There are lots though! Even Netflix includes most of the documentaries listed.

Thank You

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