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Wat Thann Cat Collection – The Phnom Penh Collaboration Begins!

We met at Wat Thann yesterday to gather some patients for today’s collaboration with Animal Mama, Chamnan, and volunteers. As usual, it’s a lot of highs and lows, but we are just happy to have a plan to treat all the animals there.

At Wat Thann cat collection, we saw 66 animals in total in two visits this week. We took a quick walk around and photographed 38 animals who haven’t been desexed yet. Yesterday, we saw 6 more.

Numbers So Far

Total animals observed: 66

Desexed by Animal Mama: 8

Desexed by Animal Mama/Chamnan: 6

Desexed other org?? (Numbers and details tbc): 14

To Be Desexed: 38 (after today)

These numbers aren’t exhaustive, and there are more animals who we didn’t see and who might spend more of their time indoors. If anyone or any organisation can add or amend these numbers, that would be awesome, please. In the spirit of cooperation, coordination, and collaboration, it would be great to get some feedback. Thank you.

Wat Thann Cat Collection – Locals Need Help

Maatch the cat lady who lives in the Pagoda helps as many as she can while being supported by individuals like Christine who uses her own money, time, and resources to make sure all the animals are well fed. She has even taken them to local vets and used her own money to help them! This dedication to the animals goes unseen, and no one knows about it. We feel it is important that this individual generosity is highlighted because it is collaborations with people like Christine that can make a difference for the animals. Passion is priceless.

Yesterday, we saw kittens who were following us and locals were bringing young cats to us to help them. The locals know Maatch and know she cares for the animals, so they ended up with her. We have to get this Pagoda under control because Match is being swamped with animals, then Christine pays to feed them, then everyone watches them suffer and die because there are just so many of them in one place with no support. Animal Mama already took in a Mama cat and her two kittens from Wat Thann this week, and countless other animals from the street, from locals dropping them in, and other Pagodas like Wat Toul Tom Poung. They cover all the costs aren’t getting funding or support from organisations to do this!

Sense Of Urgency

If the parents of these kittens were desexed last year, then we just wouldn’t be in this situation now. Of course, new animals would be arriving, but we wouldn’t have 38 (plus 6 who were done today) of them breeding! Now they spread disease, infect other cats, and move around the whole Pagoda breeding, infecting, giving birth, and dying. Leave them unsexed, and the cycle of suffering will continue.

There is only so much we can do, and until we get them all desexed, we will see the animals and people like Maatch and Christine paying the price. So what is the answer? Get them all desexed as soon as possible! It makes no sense to do one small area of Pagodas like Wat Thann; we have to do the whole place. The cats can easily walk off from Maatch’s home and breed with other cats, so we have to tackle the entire Pagoda and not one small fraction of it, and do this is a short time period.

It’s On! 

After what we have seen at Wat Thann, we are all on a mission to get this sorted out. So if you can help, please get in touch. If you are a Vet in Cambodia or an organisation that can provide us with a Vet, please get in touch and join our collaboration at Animal Mama. We have contacted a local organisation who has visited Wat Thann in the past to see if they will join us and provide information about the animals they have already treated.

Today we will do the 6 cats and then plan the next collaboration day on Thursday 8th February. In the meantime, PPAWS have offered to join and give Desexing spaces every Monday with their FREE MONDAY initiative and are looking at providing another spay day venue. This is amazing!

Thank You Collaborators!

Thank you so much to everyone who has collaborated so far! Thank you for all the great comments and feedback from other organisations around Cambodia doing such amazing work for the animals.

Thank you to: 

Animal Mama

Chamnan Veterinary


The Khmer Dog Whisperer Rattana

Lucy Haurissa

Heng Ann

Shalma & Shane

Christine Nebel

Epic Animal Quest Family (some self-appreciation lol) 

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