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Desexing Thursday – Phnom Penh Joint Pagoda Spay Project

It was great to have so much positive feedback on yesterday’s post! With so many people all wanting to collaborate and get involved in the joint projects we have planned, we have an excellent opportunity to make a real difference here. With such a great response, we don’t want to lose any time, so we are setting every Thursday in February aside for a Pagoda Desexing Day! The first Desexing Thursday will be on 1st February 2018 starting at 9 am and finishing when we hit our 20 animal target, and all the animals are safely in recovery.

Desexing Thursday

Every Thursday during February 2018, (1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd) we plan to desex, treat for parasites, deworm, vaccinate, and microchip 20 Pagoda animals. Who’s in?!

Once we get used to working with each other on these joint projects, I’m sure we can scale this up and cover the Phnom Penh Pagodas together in no time. Animal Mama are happy to host the operations from their clinic, so we have the full use of their facilities. What we need the most are the skilled Veterinary Surgeons who are happy to give some of their time to this. If you are a Vet, know a Vet, or have a Vet on your staff team, please consider volunteering. There are three operating rooms available each Thursday so we can do much more than 20 animals each week. The more vets we can get, the more animals we can desex on each day.

What Do We Need? 

Here is a list of everything else we need. We can source this but as seemed to be the consensus, it’s not up to one group or organisation to solve this on their own, and collaboration means contributing and helping where each of us can. If you can help with or provide anything off the list, please let us know. Just comment the corresponding numbers of the things you can contribute in the comments section below.

Please comment on everything you want to contribute, even if someone else has already put their name on it. This way, we can spread everything out as evenly as we can, and we will also have a good idea of what we have to work with. As each individual or group comments with their contribution, I will update the table, so we all know what’s happening. After these four weeks, I can put together something more structured online that we can all join and contribute to, but for now, this will get us going. It’s a bit rough and ready but will do the job for now.

Here is a PDF of the list to download (I will keep it updated): Desexing thursdays

Updated PDF of the list as of 28/01/2018: Desexing thursdays 28 01 2018

Please add to this list if you can think of anything. Thank you. 

  1. Operation rooms
  2. Veterinary Surgeons
  3. Veterinary Nurses
  4. Volunteers to complete the documentation process
  5. General Volunteers
  6. All the medical equipment and tools required
  7. Aftercare facilities
  8. Volunteers Aftercare
  9. Microchips
  10. Vaccinations
  11. Test Kits
  12. Anaesthetics
  13. Deworming
  14. Anti Parasite treatments
  15. Revolution
  16. Medication pre/post op
  17. Absorbent Pads
  18. Sheets and towels
  19. Heating Pads
  20. Warm bottles
  21. Disposables (pads, needles, etc.)
  22. Transport, collection, and release of animals
  23. Volunteers to transport animals
  24. Volunteers to check up on the patients at the Pagodas after release (and provide them with some food)
  25. Crates to transport animals
  26. Cages for recovery
  27. Cat and Dog food
  28. Instant Camera Film
  29. Links with local Khmer Pagoda People

Here Is What We Already Have In Place 

  1. Passpet App to record all animal information and data, and Geolocation in real time
  2. Software to record and report all data
  3. Premises to operate from
  4. Lots of cats and dogs!
  5. Photos and videos to give a complete documentation of the day, the aftercare, and results

Everyone taking part will be featured in videos, photographs, blog posts, and shared everywhere we can. Everyone taking part will have access to the photos and videos to use and share for their own organisations.

We have the animals sorted out ready for this first week, but after this, we can coordinate and see where to cover next following a methodological approach that completes a whole Pagoda at a time.

The PassPet App is totally free to any animal welfare group or organisation and can be downloaded for Android phones here.


It’s amazing that so many people want to get involved and work together like this and we can’t wait to see the outcome. If this four-week plan is a success, then it would be great if we can work together on ideas to scale up and spread the movement out of the Pagodas and across the whole city. To do this, we have to help each other, so if there is anything you can think of, put it on this open forum.

Is there a Pagoda or area that you are trying to work through but can’t get finished?

Are there any difficulties you have that perhaps someone else has previously overcome?

Is there something you need that perhaps someone else has?

How can we trade resources in the future?

It sounds like everyone just wants to get stuck in, so let’s get everything we need together in one place between now and the 1st February and have a quick meet up at 08:30 on the morning of the 1st February at Animal Mama’s. What do you think?

Thanks, Everyone!


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