How It Works 

The concept and process is simple and we designed it so everyone wins.

  1. A Charity, organisation or animal rescuer has a story to tell about a specific animal.
  2. We create a video, photos, and written content (to form a campaign) to tell their story and help them raise awareness, fundraise or find a home for the animal.
  3. You Sponsor the animal and help get the video, photos, and blog post in front of the right people on Facebook and Instagram.
  4. The right people are also your target audience for the product or service that you sell.

What Do You Get From The Sponsorship? 

Sponsoring an animal campaign is a great way to find new customers while showing you are much more than a business. When you work with us, you receive positive PR, a boost in business, and many other benefits, including:

  • We discuss your very specific target audience and create a video, photos, and blog posts that best suit that niche.
  • Audience location, age, interests, shopping habits, employment, and many other demographics are considered when we market your sponsored content.
  • Your sponsorship will reach the right audience and help the animals in the best way possible.
  • Your logo will be featured throughout the video and a credit will be added at the beginning and the end.
  • A credit and links to your website and Facebook page will also be included in the descriptions of all media and platforms.
  • You will be tagged in any related posts.
  • You also get 3 free photos with text specifically designed to use on Instagram and other social media.
  • We also share your sponsored campaign content on Twitter, Linkdin, Google+, Instagram, Medium, Tumblr, YouTube, our website, and numerous Facebook pages with over 14,000 followers.
  • When complete, we send you the links to the video on Facebook and YouTube so you can share the amazing way you are helping animals.
  • You receive a statistical report detailing the reach and engagement achieved.

Sponsorship Levels 

We offer a range of sponsorship levels for you to choose from. The more you sponsor, the greater the reach. The more people we reach, the greater chance we have of helping the animals and the more potential customers will come your way.

Investment Per Campaign:

  • 10,000 reach   = $50
  • 20,000 reach   = $100
  • 100,000 reach = $500
  • 200,000 reach = $1000


As well as these one-off campaign sponsorships, we also offer monthly sponsorship programs so you can help a different animal each month. These are designed and tailored specifically to your needs and marketing budget. Here is an example of a video we made to help find a home for Hero, the dog who had a lucky escape from the dog meat trade. This video reached over 40,000 people on Facebook and fell into the $100 bracket. So you can see that videos often exceed our conservative reach estimates.

We can also create a video about your venue or product if it relates to our content and audience. Have a look at this video we created for The Italian House to showcase their awesome Vegan Pizza range.

Find Out More 

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