Stephen King On Writing

Stephen King On Writing – Not Really A Review

A couple of years ago, I wanted to be a writer. I watched hours of YouTube videos and read lots of books on how to do it. The one piece of advice was so obvious; write. If you want to be a writer, then you have to write! The book by Stephen King On Writing […]

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what makes us happy

What Makes Us Happy? Do What You Love To Do!

I read something a while ago (it must have been on Facebook, but I can’t remember who said it, sorry) that pointed out that people seldom ask each other if we are happy. If we go to a function or event and meet new people, they will usually ask what we do for a living […]

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Sustainable Social Enterprise

Sustainable Social Enterprise In Action – Individuals Making A Difference

I’ve written about how people can make a difference so much and have come across a great example of this in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Yulia and Darren (who now run Animal Mama) came across a baby macaque monkey called Charlie. His mother was killed, and he was taken to be used in the tourist trade […]

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Fundraising Versus Sales And Marketing

Fundraising Versus Sales And Marketing – What’s The Difference?

When we came here to Phnom Penh, I thought fundraising would be totally different to sales, and I was keen to learn everything I could about it so I could take the experience and build on it to help other charities and non-profits that we will come across in the future. I was fortunate to […]

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Document Don't Create

Document Don’t Create – Content Creation – Charity Nonprofit Marketing

One concept we have implemented into our social enterprise model is the idea of documenting over creating. We first heard this from and decided to put it all out there and are now documenting our thoughts, feelings, actions, and encounters through videos, written blog posts, and photographs. This post is all about why the Document […]

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Karma Is ROI Positive

Karma Is ROI Positive – Karma, Serendipity And The Universe

I’m a big fan of the books and content put out by Gary Vaynerchuk, an entrepreneur (and quote making machine!) in New York who runs a huge marketing company. He gives impressive keynote speeches and posts a daily vlog where you watch him work and dive into his world. I connect with his energy and […]

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HOPE Medical Center Phnom Penh

HOPE Medical Center Phnom Penh With Our Friend Dr Lucy

We went to HOPE Medical Center Phnom Penh to get all our Rabies vaccinations. In Cambodia, 800 people die from Rabies each year, and those are just the reported cases. This is such a huge problem for public health and one we hope to help tackle by working with organisations who regularly offer free vaccinations […]

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help others achieve their dreams

Help Others Achieve Their Dreams And You Will Achieve Yours

Help others achieve their dreams. I started writing about failure a week ago and left it unfinished. I guess I failed to complete it! This morning I looked back over it and added some more random thoughts, so this post is more about me throwing some thoughts out there than anything else. If you read […]

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3 Ways To Help Us Help The Animals

3 Ways To Help Us Help The Animals – Join Our Epic Animal Quest!

As I wrote a rather bleak blog post about ‘3 Reasons Why Eating Dog Meat Will Kill You’ earlier today, I thought it would be cool to write something a bit more positive to balance things out! As we build our Epic Animal Quest, we are developing products to sell to pay for our volunteering […]

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We Updated Our Website

We Updated Our Website

We Updated Our Website! I’ve spent the last few days working on our Website and trying my best to make it is super simple. It’s been pretty confusing and messy on there since we started with too much information and no real structure. Our message wasn’t clear and neither was our concept. I think that […]

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go to where the fear is

Go To Where The Fear Is!

What are we trying to achieve with Epic Animal Quest? It’s great saying we want to change the world, but how are we going to do it? Our ultimate goal is to encourage as many people to go vegan as possible. This goal won’t be achieved by arguing with people but rather by showing how a […]

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30 Day Drawing Challenge

30 Day Drawing Challenge

30 Day Drawing Challenge. It’s time for a new challenge! When we started Epic Animal Quest, we imagined that one day we would create children’s books about all our adventures and the people and animals we meet. It’s now 7 months into our Quest and already we have met many awesome people and many animals […]

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Vlog on YouTube

We Started A Vlog on YouTube!

I have been procrastinating for months now and finally made the decision to start a Vlog on YouTube! It sucks being in front of the camera but I know that we really should be documenting and sharing our story so it’s game on! Episode 1  Here is Episode 1 for you to watch. It would […]

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swap a dslr camera

Who Wants To Swap A DSLR Camera?

Would you and your business like to Sponsor our Epic Animal Quest and get involved with us in an exciting Business Collaboration Opportunity? In order to improve our work with the animals, we are looking for someone to donate a DSLR Camera to us.  In return for your support, we can provide you with some […]

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mulondon organic

MuLondon Organics – Using Business As A Force For Good

Epic Animal Quest has collaborated with MuLondon Organic moisturisers to bring you an awesome opportunity to win one of five amazing prizes. Mulondon founder, Boris, has generously donated 5 moisturisers for us to raffle off in a bonus ball style competition. The Lavender or Fragrance Free Moisturisers are £19 each, so this is a very […]

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Business Collaboration Opportunity

Business Collaboration Opportunity – Sponsor Epic Animal Quest

Would you and your business like to Sponsor our Epic Animal Quest and get involved with us in an exciting Business Collaboration Opportunity? In return for your support, we can provide you with some awesome features and offer great value for your business. Most importantly, you get satisfaction from knowing that you and your business have […]

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how to name your blog

How To Name Your Blog and Social Enterprise

Naming your Blog is a huge step and can be very difficult. It is also very exciting and great fun. It is a process you may only do once and so getting it right the first time is a very big deal. Learn how to name your blog and social enterprise. How To Name Your […]

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Create Your Perfect Life

How To Create Your Perfect Life Help The Animals And Change The World

Our Business of Blogging Series is all about helping you set up and run your own Social Enterprise and Travel Blog. The series is not designed to make you rich or make you lots of money, rather it is designed to fund your travels and allow you to spend more time volunteering and less time […]

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Business of Blogging

Business of Blogging and How To Start A Social Enterprise Series

The Business of Blogging and How To Start A Social Enterprise Series. Our goal with our Social Enterprise, Epic Animal Quest, is to fund our travels and volunteering work through the sale of products we create like our book, , Web Design & Business Development Service, and through our Blog. We have been working on our […]

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Start A YouTube Channel

Laurina’s YouTube Channel – LaurinaPlays – Start A YouTube Channel

Laurina asked me to promote her YouTube Channel on our website so I interviewed her and you can read how it went below. Laurina tells us all about LaurinaPlays and gives tips on how to Start A YouTube Channel. It would be awesome if you could have a look at her channel and subscribe. Thank […]

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explore with erin

Explore With Erin – One Of Our Favourite Family Travel Bloggers

When we started our Epic Animal Quest and were making plans to sell everything we owned and start our world travel adventures, we were motivated and inspired by a number of travel bloggers but none more so than Erin Bender of Always positive, excited, and enthusiastic, we just love to read about Erin’s adventures, […]

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bakery business goes vegan

Bakery Business Goes Vegan!

We have been trying to sell our business for almost 9 months now so we can join the Romanian Rescue Appeal on the first leg of our epic world animal quest. Unfortunately, we have not had any serious interest yet, so we’ve had to look at our options. Bakery Business Goes Vegan!  In order to […]

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what is a brand how to create a brand

What Is A Brand?

Spread the love! What Is A Brand and How To Create Your Own Brand   By Lee Fox-Smith 31st August 2016 Before we started our Epic Animal Quest, we were self-employed for almost ten years. It’s really exciting to create a business from nothing and build into a popular well-known brand, and we did that […]

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