wat thann cat collection

Wat Thann Cat Collection – The Phnom Penh Collaboration Begins!

We met at Wat Thann yesterday to gather some patients for today’s collaboration with Animal Mama, Chamnan, and volunteers. As usual, it’s a lot of highs and lows, but we are just happy to have a plan to treat all the animals there. At Wat Thann cat collection, we saw 66 animals in total in […]

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Wat Thann Pagoda Phnom Penh

Wat Thann Pagoda Phnom Penh – More Than 38 Animals To Desex

Today, Heng and I went out and visited seven local Pagodas to do a head count and see how many animals have been desexed in each. We will be posting about each Pagoda and publishing all the photos of the animals who we met. The idea is to share what we have found so that […]

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Pagoda Animals Desexed In Phnom Penh

Number Of Pagoda Animals Desexed In Phnom Penh In 12 Months?

It was suggested last week that any groups taking part in Pagoda spay/neuter missions keep each other informed, so in the spirit of cooperation, coordination, and collaboration, I was thinking it would be a cool idea if we all made it public how many animals have been desexed in Phnom Penh and which Pagodas/streets/markets/communities/areas have […]

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desexing thursday

Desexing Thursday – Phnom Penh Joint Pagoda Spay Project

It was great to have so much positive feedback on yesterday’s post! With so many people all wanting to collaborate and get involved in the joint projects we have planned, we have an excellent opportunity to make a real difference here. With such a great response, we don’t want to lose any time, so we […]

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Phnom Penh Pagoda Mission

Phnom Penh Pagoda Mission – Day 1 – How To Spay 20 Animals In A Day!

We can’t tell you how happy we are to be posting this tonight! Yesterday evening we got a message saying that we had an opportunity to get involved with Animal Mama and visiting volunteer vet, Dr Genevieve (from Dyreklinikken På Værnedamsvej – Lechicdog.com), in a four day Pagoda Spay Mission. So we headed out right away […]

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Eating Meat Legality vs Morality

Eating Meat Legality vs Morality – The Vegan Argument

If we saw an animal in the street being hit across the head, prodded with an electric stick or having their throat cut with a knife, then we would be outraged. Our instinct would be to intervene or call the police to do something about it. If the police found evidence that this kind of […]

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Cambodia Vegan Food Everywhere

Cambodia Vegan Food Everywhere! Vegan Travel Family

The Vegan food in Cambodia has been amazing! We have been in Phnom Penh for the last year and still haven’t been to all the Vegan-friendly restaurants that the city has to offer. Outside of Phnom Penh, we have travelled to Kratie, Kampot, Mondulkiri, Kep, Sihanoukville, Otres, Koh Rong Samloen, Kampong Chnang, Pailin, Siem Reap, […]

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What is Halal Slaughter

What Is Halal Slaughter? Is There Any Humane Way To Take A Life?

We have been asked about Halal slaughter a lot recently, so thought we should write a post about it to clarify what it is, and put to rest the idea that this is a humane way to slaughter an animal and take their life. What is Halal Slaughter? I’ll be using the website www.halalcertification.ie to […]

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Hunters use every part of the animal

Hunters Use Every Part Of The Animal They Kill

I’m sure that any animal who is shot through the head or body would be really pleased to know every part of his or her rotting corpse will be used for someone’s meal, belt, or wall ornament. Using every part of the animal does not make up for killing them in the first place. If […]

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humans are top of the food chain

Humans Are Top Of The Food Chain? The Vegan Argument

When I think of an animal at the top of the food chain, I immediately think of the great white shark, A lion, or a crocodile. These animals are perfect predators in their environments and hunt with their bodies, claws, and teeth. The only way they can get food to eat is to catch and […]

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Vegans Force Their Beliefs Down Our Throats

Vegans Force Their Beliefs Down Our Throats – Things I Used To Believe

I often think about things I used to think and say about eating animals and using their products and the opinions I had about Vegans and Vegetarians, so I thought it would be cool to write post with a few of them to highlight that most of us Vegans probably ate meat for a large […]

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Do Meat Eaters Care More About Animals Than Vegans

Do Meat Eaters Care More About Animals Than Vegans?

I was going over our old post about the that Vegans care more about animals than they do humans, and felt that I needed to expand on the fact that sixty billion animals are easily fed each year, yet billions of human animals are left starving. Unfortunately, growing food for overfed animals is far more […]

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Vegan For The Planet

Vegan For The Planet – How Will Veganism Benefit Our Environment?

I always say that we chose to go Vegan for the animals and that Veganism is a lifestyle that will help provide a better future for our children, our health, and the planet. But how, exactly, will Veganism benefit the planet? What does being a Vegan mean for the Earth that we all have to […]

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Vegan Outreach Phnom Penh Cambodia

Vegan Outreach Phnom Penh Cambodia 

On Saturday the 13th January 2018, we are meeting in Phnom Penh to hold our first Vegan Outreach Phnom Penh Cambodia event! We will be giving out free vegan food samples and talking about Veganism, the issues and the benefits. We will also be promoting local Vegan restaurants and showing people how easy it is […]

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Pig Physio In The Pagoda Phnom Penh

Pig Physio In The Pagoda Phnom Penh With Animal Mama

We met the team from Animal Mama this evening to give some physiotherapy to the Pig in the Wat Toul Tom Pong Pagoda in Phnom Penh. Thanks to Animal Mama, the Pig has had her hooves trimmed by a specialist who they brought in, and now she is being given daily antibiotics and physiotherapy to […]

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Phnom Penh Cow Slaughterhouse

Phnom Penh Cow Slaughterhouse – A Vigil

We took a trip to find a Phnom Penh Cow Slaughterhouse in Cambodia. This was something we had planned to do last year, but the idea of standing outside a slaughterhouse in Cambodia was not a good one. Anything that looks like a protest doesn’t go down well, and the reactions from the workers would […]

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vegan junk food

Vegan Doesn’t Mean Kale, Quinoa, and Lentils! Vegan Junk Food

I love how January has been taken over by the Veganuary initiative! If you are giving a plant-based diet a go this New Year, then that’s awesome but don’t think you only have to eat Kale, Quinoa, and Lentils! When you go Vegan, you can have all the food you loved before, and the best […]

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Tips For New Vegans

Tips For New Vegans – Answering Questions, Objections, and Arguments 

When you first Go Vegan, you will get a barrage of questions from your friends and family. It’s easy to take these as attacks, but often, they are just concerned about you and want to make sure you will be ok. We are all conditioned to respond in this way, and it is interesting how […]

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What If A Vegan Needs Medication

What If A Vegan Needs Medication?

We often get asked, ‘what if?’ questions and in particular, what if a Vegan needs medication? This post will answer this ‘what if’ question directly, but first I’ll spin it around. Don’t think I’m being snarky here, and remember, I used to cook, eat, and pay for all the cruelty for 37 years of my […]

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A Little Bit Vegan

A Little Bit Vegan? Let’s Be Clear About What It Means To Be Vegan

A little bit Vegan? If we insist on labelling each other, then we should do it properly, and if we want to do what’s right for the animals and be Vegan, then we need to be clear about what it means to be a Vegan, especially when we are asking other people to do it […]

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Vegan Activism Talk About Veganism 

Vegan Activism Talk About Veganism – Vegan Activist – Epic Animal Quest

This isn’t Fight Club, this is Vegan Club, so tell everyone about it! We should never be ashamed to speak about Veganism and why we passionately choose to be Vegan. Talking about Veganism is very easy to do, and includes social media, so anytime we have a few minutes spare, we can post a talking […]

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Animal Activism Help The Animals

Animal Activism Help The Animals and Get Involved This New Year 2018

This year is all about Animal Activism for us and our Epic Animal Quest. We write a lot about animal issues and our book, the , is dedicated to dispelling the many myths around Veganism, but now Rachael is about to finish her work contract, we will have more opportunities to get out there and […]

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Lose Weight Feel Awesome

Veganuary – Lose Weight Feel Awesome And Help The Animals In 2018

It’s that time of year again, and many people are planning their New Years resolutions to lose weight, get fit, and live a more positive lifestyle. With so many fad diets around, it’s difficult to know what the best option is for someone who wants to achieve all of these things. This post is all […]

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Vegan Christmas Dinner In Cambodia

Vegan Christmas Dinner In Cambodia

Christmas 2017 was our first Christmas away from the UK on our Epic Animal Quest, and we spent in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Although we have cut back on what we buy – as now if we can’t carry it, we don’t own it – we were on a mission to make Christmas an awesome experience […]

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Vegan Kuala Lumpur and Port Dickson Malaysia

Vegan Kuala Lumpur and Port Dickson Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur has given us another easy Vegan food experience in Asia, and we found lots of Vegan food in the few days we spent there. This post is a typical day of eating Vegan Kuala Lumpur and Port Dickson Malaysia. Vegan Breakfast Kuala Lumpur For breakfast, we bought some Vegan margarine and strawberry jam and […]

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be ashamed to die

Be Ashamed To Die – Horace Mann And Veganism In A Cruel World

Around this time last year, I wrote about a Horace Mann quote that really had an affect on me. A year later, I find I still feel pretty much the same, and although we have done some things we are proud of with our Epic Animal Quest, I know I can do much much better. It’s […]

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Wildlife Animal Rescue Phnom Penh

Wildlife Animal Rescue Phnom Penh – What To Do If You Find An Animal?

Phnom Penh, Cambodia, has a handful of animal organisations but they mainly focus on cats and dogs. With so many other animals and wildlife crossing over into urban environments, what should we do if we find any wildlife with an injury, in distress, or out of place? Wildlife Animal Rescue Phnom Penh – What To Do […]

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making friends in Phnom Penh

Feeding Pagoda Cats And Making Friends In Phnom Penh Cambodia

Just back from a great few hours feeding Pagoda cats and making friends in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It was so good to see so many people using their spare time after work to get active and help the animals. It was just a walk around with some food this evening and a good chance to […]

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Lucky the Elephant at Phnom Tamao

Meeting Lucky The Elephant At Phnom Tamao Rescue Center Cambodia

During our trip to document the rescue of the baby Macaque, we met Lucky the Elephant at Phnom Tamao Rescue Center! Lucky was rescued at just six months old and has spent her life at Phnom Tamao. Now eighteen, Lucky has become an Elephant Ambassador for conservation and the environment in Cambodia. Lucky The Elephant […]

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baby macaque rescue

Baby Macaque Rescue At Phnom Tamao Rescue Center Cambodia

We joined Animal Mama when they took a rescued Macaque monkey to Phnom Tamao Rescue Center, about an hours drive from Phnom Penh. This time last year, we were still in the UK and had no idea that we would be starting our Epic Animal Quest in Cambodia. Since we have been here, we have […]

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