Our mission is to lead by example to influence others to show compassion, respect and care for all animals. 

Our Main Goals 

We want to leave the world better than we found it.

We want to stop contributing to the destruction of the planet.

We want to teach compassion, kindness and care for all living creatures. 

We want to promote a Healthy lifestyle. 

We want to do everything we can to give our children and future generations a brighter future. 

Why Are These Goals Important To Us? 

We have children and like all parents we want to give them the best we can. We believe this is not achieved through gifts or money, but rather through real world education, teaching them all about a healthy lifestyle, leading by example, sharing experiences and spending as much time together as possible. 

If we can teach the next generation about compassion and how to show it to all animals, we believe this will have a direct effect on how they treat other people. It will positively effect the environment, and their health and well being. By showing compassion for animals we will automatically instil compassion for our fellow humans and bring everyone together regardless of race, colour, nationality or ethnicity. 

Compassion for all animals brings with it benefits to diet and health, the environment and our relationships with other people. 

Animals and The Environment 

We have lost our connection with most animals and have commodified many of them. Animals are treated as mere objects and are considered as a just a product to be traded and profited from. This has to stop and we have to reconnect with all animals and stop all cruelty wherever we find it. 

Starting with our own children and the next generation, we believe we can set them up to start putting right the terrible things we have done to other animals and our planet. There is too much at stake to just carry on regardless. The oceans could be empty of fish by 2050, the rainforests are being destroyed at a sickening pace (2 football fields every second), and over 3000 animals are killed every second just for us to eat them. 

The World Is Full Of Good People 

We want to highlight the great work that good people are doing everyday and the sacrifices they make with no benefit to themselves. 

The world can be a cruel and heartless place, but there are millions of good, kind, generous people out there that we want to meet and share their stories with you and the world. 

Remove The Wool From Our Eyes 

We live in a polarised world. We see cruelty and hate at one end and compassion and love at the other. In between lies the middle ground where most of us carry on with our normal lives without really thinking about the bigger picture. There is nothing wrong with this, it is, after all, how we have been brought up and we are continually bombarded with propaganda from the government and the organisations that own and control our media, our food and our pharmaceuticals. We believe what we have been told by our parents and authorities and do what we believe is right for us and our family based on what we've been told. 

We all have the ability to reason, debate, questions, investigate and explore yet we can so easily be manipulated to follow the crowd, do as we are told and be convinced by others who try to make us follow their agenda.  

We have realised that the world is nothing like the one we were told about. Our human race acts as if it is far more advanced than any other species. We are technologically incomparable but how do we behave ethically? We treat other species as if they are nothing, worthless and ours to neglect, eat, abuse and show a complete disregard for. We may be technologically superior but we are lacking ethically, morally and compassionately. 

The internet has developed so much now, so much that we can now remove the wool that has been so cleverly pulled over our eyes. We can see clearly for the first time. We can see how we've have been misled, mis guided and out right lied to for so long but now it's time we take back our planet, save our fellow animals and move forward as a cohesive planet of ethical and compassionate human beings. 

Life Is For Living 

Life doesn't have to be a set pattern of school, college, university, job, retirement, die. You don't have to work for 40-50 years looking forward to retirement only to find that you either don't live long enough to retire or you are too ill to enjoy when you get there! The world has changed, for the worst but also for the better. The internet has provided opportunities to bring people together across the continents and we can use this amazing tool to achieve our goals and live a purposeful and exciting life, helping others less fortunate than ourselves (that's all animals including us humans) and promoting compassion. This might well be the only life we get so we don't want to waste it following the norms society guides us towards. We want to leave our mark on the world and make that mark a positive one. 

We believe in this so much that we are selling our business, selling almost everything we own and committing to a life of travel and adventure in our Quest to help as many animals as we can. If we want to stop the destruction of the environment and stop the cruelty to animals, we have to dedicate our lives to this project. 

If You Share Our Philosophy Then Join Our Quest 

We want others to follow our quest and join us on our mission to show compassion, respect and care for all animals. 

Help us to help the helpless and shine a light on the good people that represent what it really means to be human. 

Here a link to our Blog Post of the Greatest thinkers of our time. Read some great quotes about animal rights from Plato to Einstein. 


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