desexing thursday

Desexing Thursday – Phnom Penh Joint Pagoda Spay Project

It was great to have so much positive feedback on yesterday’s post! With so many people all wanting to collaborate and get involved in the joint projects we have planned, we have an excellent opportunity to make a real difference here. With such a great response, we don’t want to lose any time, so we […]

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Cambodia Vegan Food Everywhere

Cambodia Vegan Food Everywhere! Vegan Travel Family

The Vegan food in Cambodia has been amazing! We have been in Phnom Penh for the last year and still haven’t been to all the Vegan-friendly restaurants that the city has to offer. Outside of Phnom Penh, we have travelled to Kratie, Kampot, Mondulkiri, Kep, Sihanoukville, Otres, Koh Rong Samloen, Kampong Chnang, Pailin, Siem Reap, […]

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Animal Activism Help The Animals

Animal Activism Help The Animals and Get Involved This New Year 2018

This year is all about Animal Activism for us and our Epic Animal Quest. We write a lot about animal issues and our book, the , is dedicated to dispelling the many myths around Veganism, but now Rachael is about to finish her work contract, we will have more opportunities to get out there and […]

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making friends in Phnom Penh

Feeding Pagoda Cats And Making Friends In Phnom Penh Cambodia

Just back from a great few hours feeding Pagoda cats and making friends in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It was so good to see so many people using their spare time after work to get active and help the animals. It was just a walk around with some food this evening and a good chance to […]

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World Vets Siem Reap 2017 Event

World Vets Siem Reap 2017 Event – Interview With The Organiser Nicole Kramer

We heard about an event in Siem Reap called World Vets Siem Reap 2017 Event, organised by our friend Nicole Kramer. World Vets is a non-profit who provides veterinary aid and carry out spay and neuter events in countries all around the world. Fifteen vets and veterinary technicians desexed a total of 259 animals in […]

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