The Vegan Argument: Why There Really Is An Answer For Everything 

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Individuals can make an immediate difference just by making the connection and deciding to not eat animals or use animals for entertainment, experimentation, clothing, or profit. As more and more individuals come together, we find ourselves in a position where we truly can change the world for the better. The Vegan Argument is all about helping others to make the connection. 

In this book you will discover: 

One of the best ways to help animals and the planet  

How to quickly answer any objection to Veganism 

Why you should be proud to speak up 

How to encourage others to Go Vegan 

Why the Vegan Argument is so important for our future 

Know Better, Do Better 

Answering questions people have about Veganism with logical, rational, and sensible information is key to helping the animals. This book will help you show people that Going Vegan is the best choice for a bright future for our children, the animals, and the planet itself. As vegans, we all know better, so I firmly believe we have to do better. Encouraging other people to know better is our first step, then we can help them to do better too.